Special order-picking tasks

The great strength of man-up narrow-aisle forklifts is the combined operation of pallet handling and order picking. The latter calls for special requirements for the vehicle. On the basis of the EK series, we realise cabs that provide special storage features, for example. These may be designed in the form of fixed shelves or as roller conveyors to hold small carriers. The latter is used by a major manufacturer of board games for its day-to-day warehouse processes. The EV series with its highly stable base structure provides the option of integration into large order-picking platforms. These platforms are adjusted to suit customer needs and either integrated into the cab or arranged separately. 

One manufacturer of radiators and sanitation products uses order-picking platforms that are equipped with special front-mounted carriers, are accessible from the cab and provide side access to the shelf. The furniture industry frequently needs very large order-picking platforms and forklifts with corresponding load capacity. For such purposes, we use the EK series and design the platforms to be lifted by the standard mast swivel fork for maximum flexibility and to be accessible from the cab.