Extremely heavy loads

Our most powerful series model from the EK series, the EK 2000, can lift its nominal load of 2 t up to a lifting height of 5.2 m, depending on the load’s centre of gravity. This load capacity alone is a real unique selling point. And if a little bit more is needed? That’s where our special model EK 2000 HL comes in. The main lifting mast, specially developed for very heavy loads, used in conjunction with the extremely stable mast swivel fork MSG 120 with roof guide enables nominal load capacities of 2.5 t and very large load centre of gravity spacings of more than 1000 mm. For fully maximised load-bearing capacity, the EK 2000 HL can additionally be guided by the shelving. This enables air freight containers, heavy machinery parts and even tyre racks, for example, to be handled safely and securely at any time.