Magaziner Lager- und Fördertechnik GmbH


Because of the wide variety of modern warehouse logistics strategies, even the most flexible range will at some point reach its limits. Where others give up, we show innovation. Using the EK and EV series as a foundation, we develop and realise reliable special vehicles in a very short time that guarantee our customers efficient and safe shelving even under very exceptional conditions. 

Assistance systems

The active tilting adjustments counteracts the onset of oscillations in the main mast as the result of uneven flooring and load movements and thus increases the comfort and productivity of the narrow-aisle forklift.

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Oversized loads

When loads are too big to fit on standard pallets, special requirements apply for forklift design. In particular, front-mounted equipment, whether telescopic platform or mast swivel fork, must be adjusted to suit the load dimensions.

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Extremely heavy loads

Our most powerful series model from the EK series, the EK 2000, can lift its nominal load of 2 t up to a lifting height of 5.2 m, depending on the load’s centre of gravity. This load capacity alone is a real unique selling point.

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Special order-picking tasks

The great strength of man-up narrow-aisle forklifts is the combined operation of pallet handling and order picking. The latter calls for special requirements for the vehicle.

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Cold store operation or full automation

Narrow-aisle forklifts from the EK series with their highly stable design and open hardware and software interfaces provide outstanding conditions for driverless operation. 

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