Vertical order-picker

The Magaziner EV series comprises vertical order-picking trucks for individual or particularly demanding applications. Maximum flexibility paired with large-series technology solves unique customer problems in an effective and reliable way.

A starting point for special features

For some warehouse operators, the limited functionality of conventional vertical order-pickers is not enough. For these customers, we have developed the EV series. EV 1000 and EV 1300 have been deliberately designed as a highly flexible base for special customer requirements:

  • Very high lifting heights and load capacities
  • Special lifting equipment
  • Unique functions


In close collaboration with our customers, customised vertical order-picking trucks are produced in a very short time that fit in perfectly with the material flow strategy and maximise the warehouse’s handling capacity. Using tried-and-tested modules from the more technically demanding EK series and applying our decades of experience in industrial trucks for shelving operations allows us to guarantee the reliability and processing quality of a large series along with the flexibility of a special-purpose machine. A unique combination.

Order picking at the limits

As item diversity increases, so do the heights of the shelving units in many order-picking warehouses. To handle bulky goods, large order-picking platforms are required that inevitably have a high net weight. For these extreme applications, the EV series is the perfect solution. Magaziner’s SGO design principles and the use of cutting-edge three-phase technology with strong 3.5 kW or 5 kW traction motors expand the potential applications for the series:

  • Platform heights of up to 15 m
  • Load capacities of up to 1500 kg
  • Cab widths of up to 3 m

Our vertical order-picking trucks are thus the market leaders in terms of the range of services and they allow safe and efficient shelving under the most stringent of requirements.

Minimum consequential costs

We see minimum consequential costs as a unique selling point for all Magaziner industrial trucks. In the EV series, measures are taken to specifically reduce the costs for repair and maintenance:

  • Thoroughly robust design for minimal wear
  • Thick sheet-steel doors used for effective protection of the motor compartment
  • Good accessibility for all systems for rapid maintenance

The controls are freely accessible for service with no plant-specific software protection. Because we are independent of manufacturers, the costs incurred during operation of the vehicle are considerably reduced.