The Ek series

Stability and steadiness for a safe driving experience

Smooth driving performance and maximum torsion resistance of the lifting frame are vital for safety in shelving operations. Our tried-and-tested SGO design principles ensure maximum stability:

  • Consistently lightweight design of lifting frame and driver’s cab
  • Standard use of two stage masts and mast struts
  • Deformation-optimised mast swivel forks with large pivot bearing spacing

The vehicle’s centre of gravity remains close to the ground, resulting in outstanding stability. Narrow-aisle forklifts from the EK series significantly exceed the maximum angle of inclination required by DIN EN ISO 3691 and guarantee reliable safety even in critical situations.

Reduced weight for energy efficiency

A narrow-aisle forklift transports dozens of tons of load every day. For each storage cycle, lifting frame and driver’s cab are lifted simultaneously. To reduce energy consumption, it is therefore vital to reduce any load that is not useful load. By using cutting-edge structural simulation methods we have effectively reduced the weight of the cab and the mast – much to the delight of the drivers, who benefit from a workstation with increased stability, and operators, who are able to move more with one battery charge.

Transport in one piece

Whether you are on your way from the plant to the customer or you are relocating with your warehouse, narrow-aisle forklifts from the EK series are capable of being transported without removing the mast, even at large lifting heights. Commissioning runs smoothly and quickly and the risk of leakage in the hydraulic system is effectively reduced.