The EK series

The right lifting equipment for every occasion

Our range covers a wide range of lifting equipment for various carriers. The most commonly used and most flexible attachment device for pallet handling is the mast swivel fork. Depending on the required load capacity, various models are used. We also provide optimum solutions for carriers with insufficient ground clearance for the lifting forks, such as carpet rolls. Very narrow aisle widths are made possible with a retractable telescopic fork. Alongside various additional lifting heights, other variants can be delivered, including:

  • Telescopic fork with additional lift as double fully free lifting mast for optimum utilisation of the building height
  • Telescopic fork with 190 mm fork height for plants without bottom shelf carrier
  • Telescopic fork for double-deep storage to maximise utilisation of space


The functionality of the lifting equipment can be further expanded with a fork positioner or a sideshift.