The EK series

Function and design

[Translate to Englisch:] Dreifachmast

Three stage mast

As standard, narrow-aisle forklifts from the EK series are fitted with two stage masts. These masts are by nature more stable and energy efficient, provide better reverse visibility and enable reduced vehicle lengths. The three stage mast is useful when low gates or building areas with low ceilings need to be accessed with the forklift. With the required lifting height split over three mast levels, reduced overall heights are possible when the cab is lowered. The levels of our structurally optimised three stage masts are extended simultaneously as standard, securing zero-delay lifting processes up to the maximum height. Three stage masts can optionally be fitted with full free lift in the main mast. Lifting processes within the first mast levels are then carried out without simultaneous change to the overall height. This option is useful for greatly differing ceiling heights. However, certain compromises in lifting speed are then unavoidable.

[Translate to Englisch:] Zwillingslasträder

Twin load wheels

Irregular floor topologies or sensitive floor surfaces can justify the use of twin load wheels. Uneven surfaces are effectively levelled out and the floor pressure is reduced.


A sideshift makes order picking easier when carriers of differing widths are used. For back-friendly and comfortable work, the forks can be shifted right up to the cab.


Fork positioner

A fork positioner enables convenient adjustment of the fork spacing to suite various carriers. This increases the flexibility of the truck when different load widths have to be moved.