The Ek series


Efficient drive and circuit board technology with no software protection

All vehicles, from the small EK 1100 to the large EK 2000, are equipped with the latest fifth-generation, three-phase technology. Lifting speeds of up to 0.56 m/s are achieved, along with powerful acceleration to driving speeds of up to 12 km/h with 40% lower heat loss. Two cutting-edge semi-conductor circuit boards with SSR technology and three powerful controls for hydraulics, drive and steering form a robust network. This open system architecture provides the best conditions for flexible parameterisation of the vehicle functions and guarantees inexpensive replacement and retrofitting of individual components. The controls are freely accessible for service with no plant-specific software protection. Because we are independent of manufacturers, the consequential costs for our customers are considerably reduced.

Thoroughly robust design

Narrow-aisle forklifts from the EK series have always boasted a robust design. This design principle is reflected in countless details. Optimum protection from typical damage is achieved, for example, by:

  • thick sheet-steel doors for the motor compartment
  • solid load wheel frames
  • deformation-optimised mast swivel forks with large pivot bearing spacing

The vehicles have proved their reliability under the toughest conditions in numerous critical applications.

Top accessibility for rapid maintenance


For rapid handling capacity, vehicle downtimes are kept as low as possible. To enable rapid maintenance, the motor compartment, the hydraulic and the electronic systems of narrow-aisle forklifts from the EK series have a tidy and well-organised design. All mechanical consumables are also easy to access and can be easily replaced as required. Our service partners are regularly trained at our site and are well-acquainted with the vehicles. They ensure that the equipment always achieves its full productivity.