The Ek series

A cab for the driver

As the driver of a narrow-aisle forklift from the EK series, you can look forward to an ergonomic and comfortable workplace. With tried-and-tested design features, we can make your work relaxed and efficient, free from mental stress and damage to health:


  • Broad entry point with shallow step height
  • Spacious environment with particularly large amount of clearance for knees, legs and head
  • Swivel-mounted control panel for standing and seated operation
  • Comfortable seat with large suspension travel, various adjustment options and seat heating (optional)
  • Numerous storage compartments and cab walls lined with velour carpet


The very narrow cab belt rail provides optimum conditions for back-friendly order-picking work. Hydraulic dampers in the end positions and at transition points increase comfort for the driver during shelving operations. With tilting side gates and the tilting console, we offer additional ways to further improve the ergonomics of order picking.

Visibility and manoeuvrability for danger-free handling

The outstanding visibility of the load and the work aisle ensures safe handling during forward and reverse driving.

  • Clear-view lifting frame with large window
  • Chassis with rounded contour
  • Particularly low guiding of the mast swivel fork
  • Large viewing windows in the belt rail


Outside of the aisle, narrow-aisle forklifts from the EK series are highly manoeuvrable and easy to steer thanks to the short vehicle length and the high-precision steering system. Visibility and manoeuvrability minimise the risk of accidents and damage to the shelving system, improving health and safety at work and reducing operating costs.