Magaziner Lager- und Foerdertechnik GmbH has been developing and producing powerful industrial trucks for narrow-aisle warehouse since 1975. With our EV series, we provide our customers with high-quality vertical order-picking trucks for special areas of application. Our unique sector-wide experience with narrow-aisle forklifts in man-up design is incorporated into the modern EK series. Starting out as a market pioneer, we have manufactured several thousand of these vehicles, also known as high-bay or three-side forklifts, since the 1970s in our constantly growing plant in Lueneburg Heath and supplied them to customers all over the world. Thousands of our industrial trucks have sustainably increased the productivity of narrow-aisle warehouses. Our company has three central strengths that make our customers successful. See for yourself!


Constantly increasing requirements for both handling capacity and flexibility have become a feature of day-to-day work for many warehouse operators. With our innovative industrial trucks, we can help to meet these requirements. We consistently gear our integrated product development to suit the practical needs of the operators, drivers and service technicians of our vehicles. To do this, we make use of our extensive technical expertise, as well as long-term partnerships with leading suppliers. This enables us both to improve our products continuously in terms of their performance, ergonomics and operating costs and to push forward with entirely new developments in relation to load capacity and lifting height that are unequalled by our competitors.


Our customers’ products are highly individual, and their efficient warehousing needs to be tailored accordingly. And warehouse technology cannot be an exception here. The flexibility of largely in-house manufacturing, modular design and customer-focused variant management enable us to provide each warehouse operator with the perfect vehicle. For standard applications, we select the base device from our wide product range and configure it with absolute precision. To fulfil uncommon requirements, we develop and realise customised special vehicles on the basis of tried-and-tested technology that guarantee our customers efficient and safe shelving even under very exceptional conditions. Customised products call for one-to-one dialogue with our customers. Our experienced sales and service partners will therefore visit your premises to ensure that you are given expert advice and reliable technical support. They are also constantly in contact with the relevant experts in the plant, which guarantees that help can be provided rapidly before, during and after the commissioning of our industrial trucks.


For maximum product handling in narrow-aisle warehouses, you need industrial trucks that you can depend on. The key to genuine reliability is uncompromising quality in product development, manufacture and service. Tried-and-tested Magaziner design principles ensure that the vehicles are engineered to cope with the real-life demands in narrow-aisle warehouses. We select our suppliers with care and we demand of them high product quality and reliable deliveries. We consider our suppliers to be partners that contribute to the innovative spirit of Magaziner. Our quality management system, certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1997, ensures that no compromises are made when it comes to manufacturing quality. Our motivated employees put the high standards into practice and their individual quality consciousness guarantees that Magaziner only dispatches faultless products to its customers. Trained service technicians visiting your premises guarantee that the vehicles are available at all times and always achieve their full productivity. Thanks to the long-term and dependable spare parts supply, there is nothing to stop you enjoying a long service life from your Magaziner industrial truck.