Super slim but still strong: A special version of the EK 1100

Where can we find suitable replacements for our aging VNA trucks? A world-famous ceramic manufacturer asked itself this question in the spring of 2021 and ends up with Magaziner. The specialist from the Lüneburger Heide in Germany is the only manufacturer in the world that can meet the special requirements of the customer: a lifting height of almost 9 m with 600 kg residual load capacity and a distance between the loads of less than 1200 mm. These data must be adhered to in order to avoid reconstruction work and loss of capacity in the customer's warehouse. For this purpose, Magaziner has a special version of its EK 1100 in its range, which enables minimal frame widths of 1000 mm with a modified twostage mast. The truck is equipped with telescopic forks and an additional side guidance on the racking in order to be able to handle the customer's load dimensions and weights safely and efficiently. Despite the small truck dimensions, the cabin is spacious and comfortably equipped. The auxiliary lift mast, which has been lengthened due to the low height of the warehouse roof, hardly impairs the driver's view at all, and the control panels are also designed ergonomically. The special model largely uses components from the EK series, so that very good spare parts availability and long-term service support are ensured.

This EK 1100 in special design is the latest proof of Magaziner's competence in the development and manufacturing of specific industry solutions in the narrow aisle area. The modularity and flexibility of the EK series with its seven models also allow special customer requirements to be met. Whether very wide load dimensions of up to 2400 mm, very high lifting heights of up to 19 m with a twostage mast or even the smallest aisle widths are possible. Every customer benefits from 45 years of experience and more than 5500 vehicles produced.