Magaziner Lager- und Fördertechnik GmbH


New Feature: Cross Hair Laser with Radio Remote Control

A battery-operated laser module mounted on the fork carriage projects a bright cross laser light at the push of a button on the control panel. This...


New application video of an EK 1200 VNA truck

Another American customer is happy About a new EK 1200 with inductive wire guidance. The truck delivered by a US partner will be used productively...


Four versatile EK 1100 for a leading beverage filler

Our US has handed over four versatile EK 1100 VNA trucks to a customer in the state of New York. The trucks with wire guidance and 48 V DC drive are...


Display with Dark Mode and Navigation integrated

In the meantime, we have equipped the first truck of the EK series with the fully integrated version of the proven Position Assistance System. The...


Ten EK 1100 with lithium-ion technology for manufacturer and marketer of home appliances in Indiana, USA

Last summer, we handed over a larger fleet of EK 1100 lithium ion battery-powered VNA trucks to a world-leading home appliance manufacturer in...


EK 1350 with triplex mast and full free lift

An Italian medical device manufacturer has recently received an EK 1350 with full free lift triplex mast and telescopic fork with special lifting...