Magaziner Lager- und Fördertechnik GmbH


Fördern + Heben berichtet über Magaziner Kupferrotortechnologie

Das wichtige Branchenmagazin FÖRDERN + HEBEN hat in seiner Novemberausgabe 2018 über die neue Magaziner Kupferrotortechnologie für den Hubantrieb...


Bericht zum Magaziner Leistungsportfolio in der STAPLERWORLD

Die STAPLERWORLD 08/2018 berichtet in Ihrem Spezial zu Hochregalstaplern über die EK-Baureihe. Der Artikel gibt einen Überblick über unsere...


New Video about the Position Assistance System

Our Position Assistance System is being used successfully in more and more VNA facilities and is continuously evolving on the basis of these user...


With the Duplex+ up to 19 m lift height

As the world's only manufacturer of VNA trucks, Magaziner now lifts loads up to a lifting height of 19 m. The newly developed Duplex+ concept combines...


Another successful participation at the company soccer tournament

The Magaziner "Hochstapler" were again represented this year with a powerful football team at the Bispinger company soccer tournament. In hard...


Efficiency boost for lifting operation

As an additional lifting drive option we now offer a 30 kW AC induction motor with innovative copper rotor technology for all 80 V EK series trucks....