Magaziner as an employer

Motivation through variety. Performance thanks to certainty. Success as a community.

This is the philosophy we have pursued for almost 100 years as an attractive employer. Our roots are in handicraft and, although we have grown to become a medium-sized company with roughly 70 employees, a deep appreciation of each individual continues to be an integral part of our corporate culture. Whether you are starting your career as a trainee or are looking for a new challenge as an experienced specialist, we have much to offer as a token of our appreciation.

A variety of tasks

At Magaziner, a variety of tasks await you. We configure our work to enable each individual to see and experience the contribution they make to the company’s success. We consider this a source of long-term motivation and thus our joint success. In our production system, we have for many years relied successfully on the strategy of partially autonomous work groups. As a member of such a group, you will work on a production island manufacturing a complete assembly, such as the vehicle cab or the lifting frame. You will perform complete and varying tasks, enabling you to continuously build up your skills. There is a large amount of decision-making flexibility and responsibility within the groups. The size of the company and the organisation form allow us to fulfil all important tasks quickly and efficiently with a lean administration department. As a new employee, for example in customer service or materials management, you can look forward to being given responsibility for working on tasks where the central focus is always the satisfaction of our customers.

Reliable protection

At Magaziner everyone should feel safe, every day, every month, year after year. Extensive health and safety at work measures are put in place for your day-to-day safety. We provide financial security through a good, performance-related income, capital-accumulation benefits and non-tariff premiums that allow you to participate in the company’s success. We want to offer you long-term prospects and therefore do all we can to sustainably safeguard our jobs. Although our business is sensitive to economic trends, there have been no redundancies at Magaziner for many years. The successful work of the past gives us today the necessary economic security we need to remain a reliable employer in the future.

A strong community

At Magaziner we don’t just work alongside one another, but with one another. It is important to us that you settle into the team rapidly as a new employee and feel that you are in good hands. To make sure that this sense of community extends beyond the work groups and departments, events are held regularly to bring together the entire workforce in an informal atmosphere. For example, our intimate Christmas parties and our summer barbecues are very popular. The pleasant working environment and collaborative partnership are reflected in the staff turnover rate, which has been very low at Magaziner for many years.