Magaziner as an employer

Experienced workers

Because many committed employees work at Magaziner on products that are constantly improving and we are thus inspiring confidence in more and more customers worldwide, we regularly need reinforcement. As an experienced specialist, you will benefit from all the advantages that Magaziner can offer you as an employer. To fit in well with our team, your approach to work should be characterised by: 

  • a dedicated interest in impressive results
  • the desire to make a major contribution to the company as a whole
  • personal accountability and integrity
  • Optimism and respectful treatment of others

This report, authored personally by one of our staff members, can help to give you an initial impression of what it is like to work with us.

By Marc Schlumbohm

I have worked at Magaziner as a trained machine construction mechanic since May 2007. I work in frame production, constructing the chassis. I mainly use welding and machining techniques. The work is demanding in terms of skill, as only low tolerances are acceptable for gap dimensions and the like. My colleagues and I are individually responsible for the complete construction of a chassis. This means we never have the chance to get bored, and it always feels good to see the complete forklift and think “that’s the chassis I built.” One of the things I particularly like about working for Magaziner is the flexible working hours. As long as the deadlines are met, we can decide for ourselves when each task is performed. This is a major benefit for colleagues with a family, for example if they prefer to take their children to school before work. The culture of mutual respect is also very good. People support each other in a pleasant atmosphere. The supervisor is always approachable and helps when problems occur. All in all, I look forward to going to work. To fit in well at Magaziner, you should be able to work independently and be reliable. You also need to have the drive to get the work done with care. Team spirit is also important.”


All current vacancies are available on our job board. You can also send us a speculative job application or start off by contacting us with questions about working at Magaziner.